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AMZScout Review: Improve Your Amazon Business

It is very interesting to run your business through Amazon. The marketplace has millions of vendors from all over the world, selling different categories of items. That makes it so competitive, forcing sellers to be more innovative with the product and services they offer in order to sell. To be more innovative, you need to have important information about Amazon that you will use to edge your competitors. With the software and tools found on Amazon, you can quickly get the vital information that you need to elevate your online business.

The tools ease the process that a vendor would use when gathering insights regarding Amazon and also assist the vendor in discovering good ideas and making strategies that will attract more buyers. AMZScout is a research tool that most vendors on Amazon use when they want to edge other traders and make more sales. Using the software, you will always make a decision using the right information hence structure sales strategies that will increase your business revenue.

What to Know About AMZScout

Most vendors who have used AMZScout to discover product information and new markets for their business can confirm to you that it is among the best tool to use while researching Amazon. Moreover, the software has a feature that helps you to calculate an estimate of the income you should expect when you decide to vend a specific item.

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To structure good marketing and sales strategies for your items, AMZScout will assist you in gaining access to the history of item pricing information and how different items got ranked from previous months. The main aim of using AMZScout is to attract more buyers to increase product sales. Therefore, the tool will allow you to analyze the product listings’ quality and offer an estimate of the amount of profit you would make after a month.

AMZScout Web Application and Chrome Extension

You can use AMZScout as a web application or as a Chrome extension, and both will assist you in discovering new information that you can use to outline proper promotional strategies. It is advisable to use chrome extension because you can access the site to pull real-time information while you are still on your product page navigating through Amazon. The Web application is somehow complete. After all, It offers the users different functionalities because it has many features that ease the process of searching for information. However, when using an App, you cannot open the Amazon site compared to when using the chrome extension.

With a feature like ‘Get Niche Idea,’ the Chrome Extension allows the sellers to enhance their businesses to a different level easily. Although the chrome extension offers many services to the seller, you cannot access its services if you do not use Google Chrome Browser.

The AMZScout App is beneficial because it has nearly all features like a Chrome Extension and also has the ability that enables a sender to keep an eye on more 80 diverse items and check how their price, sales and rank change from time to time. Searching about how to sell on Amazon, follow to learn about Amazon brand registry, Amazon listing optimization etc.Additionally, it has a keyword explorer that enables a user to do research on Amazon and use the findings to decide the type of product to vend and the marketing strategies that will attract more sales. 

  • Product Searches

You can use AMZScout to search for products and know the ones that most buyers want. The tool enables you to get the information either on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Moreover, it has features that enable you to understand how buyers search for products during certain seasons and the items that are on the trend presently.

  • Estimated Sales

AMZScout has a feature, namely “Estimated Sales,” that allows a vendor to estimate the sales of certain items. It has a large database, and the feature uses the available data in estimating how a certain product would sell for a specific period.

  • FBA Fees

Most sellers tend to assume most activities that involve FBA fee charges. What you need to know is that the fee affects the amount of profit that you will make after making sales. With AMZScout software, you can know the amount you will pay as an FBA fee when using the Amazon platform.


More than 100,000 vendors globally use AMZScout to advance their online businesses. Although the tool is not that comprehensive, it provides its users with the needed amount of functionalities that can help them improve their Amazon businesses. It is simple and user-friendly and lets a seller understand Amazon Marketplace and start competing with other sellers quickly.