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Sellics Review

Sellics Review

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As we all know, setting up an online business is not an easy task. It requires the utmost level of dedication and hard work. And as far as Amazon is concerned, it is the world’s largest market place and to establish and being successful on this platform is not an easy job. But now due to the saturation of technology into our day to day lives, there are multiple tools and software are available to help you make a better decision at the right time. Nowadays, if you want to excel in any business, you need helpful tools to help you rise above the competition. Sellics is also one of those helpful tools that convert your best decisions into profits.


What is Sellics?

Sellics is the most effective tool amazon sellers are recommended to use. You better check the IO Scout product tracker for Amazon its very useful tool.
It is all in one tool dedicated to helping you with amazon sales as it contains all tools that are necessary to excel on amazon’s online store. Nowadays, growth lies in using multiple tools that keep you updated about the latest trends and show you the right metrics in order to make profitable decisions. Sellics is a tool that provides everything an Amazon seller needs in order to grow their business. It offers 3 to 5 different analytic tools in just one package that can be used to monitor rankings, competitions, reviews and so on.


Sellics Pricing

Sellics Amazon offers 14 days free trial for its customers that expires automatically after the trial period ends. You can always sing up for the free trial and see if it really works for you or not. Other Sellics pricing details are as follows:

Annual Sales

  • $0
  • $1K-$60K
  • $60K-$240K
  • $240K-$600K
  • $600K-$1.2M
  • $1.2M+

Monthly Plan

  • $57
  • $67
  • $97
  • $157
  • $217
  • $317

Biannual Plan

  •  N/A
  • $57
  • $87
  • $137
  • $187
  • $287

Annual Price

  • N/A
  • $47
  • $77
  • $117
  • $157
  • $257

Sellics Products

This all in one software is dedicated to providing state of the art experience for its users by offering 3 main products:

  1. Seller edition
  2. Vendor editions
  3. Agency edition

1.    Seller Edition

Through this seller edition, you can measure your profits, optimize amazon PPC with real-life amazon seller tools. Shipping charges of Amazon FBA, Amazon and PPC fees, cost of goods and promo charges are automatically deducted in this plan. So now sellers don’t have to worry about paying these charges on his own. The data in this plan is to keep on updated throughout the day. You can also improve rankings, manage customer reviews, research products on Amazon, monitor competitors and manage inventories.

2.    Vendor Edition

Sellics is the best tool for vendors. Either they are looking to manage customer reviews, manage sales or improve product listings, Sellics have covered it all. In this product feature, Sellics offers vendors to run amazon ads by focusing on product profitability. Effective SEO key words integration, customer feedbacks, and retail analysis are other important features of this product.

3.    Agency Edition

This all in one feature of Sellics is specifically designed for agencies.                 Automation and machine learning tools help you to gain the client’s trust and improve sales velocity. Its campaign and brand reputation management system can be used to improve the client’s product portfolios. Other amazing features of the Sellics agency edition are retail analysis, customer feedback management, and increased SEO keyword integration and so on.

 Final Thoughts

If you are looking for software that provides excellent sales analytics, retails analytics, customer feedback management, and PPC manager, then Sellics is the best option. Since selling on amazon can be time-consuming and a hectic task, using Sellics really eases your efforts a little and make your time more profitable. We hope that this Sellics review will help you in every way possible. 


1.    How can I cancel the Sellics account?

The Sellics can be canceled anytime. Go to account management, then click terminate under your current plan. You can also revoke amazon’s API in the seller central option.

2.    Can I use the Sellics trial?

Yes, Sellics offers 14 days free trial. Everyone can use it to see if it really works for them or not.

3.    How can I reach Sellics Customer Support?

Go to Click on Sellics support at the bottom of the page. You will find the email address and mailing address here. Get in touch with the Sellics team.

4.    Is Sellics secure?

Sellics is 100% safe and is widely used by many satisfied customers around the globe.


  Description : Sellics is the best tool for Amazon users with 3 to 5 different analytic tools. It is all in one software for all it needs to be a successful seller on Amazon.