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The Best Amazon Sales Estimator on the market

What exactly is Amazon Sales estimator?

Amazon is a global market comprising millions of sellers and billions of buyers the world over. And while there are droves of other market-places which compete in various product compartments, Amazon sits atop with over $870 billion in market value. Such figures means that you stand are great chance to smile to the bank as a seller. And that is sellers leverage revenue estimator tools – metrics and analytics year-over-year to track their progress and ensure nothing gets in the way of their paycheck.

amazon sales volume estimator

Why does one need Amazon sales estimator?

Sales estimators are Amazon enhancement tools used to view mean per-month sales. The programs achieve best results when appropriated for heavy inventory and for tailored categories &items too. Just try an amazon sales calculator for your business.
Although they are centered on the total revenue estimated for future outcomes, they served to help set the tone for seller competitiveness, while fast-tracking the analysis of performance for products. Sales estimators improve sales and help you sail with the wind of change more effectively.

What is the best Amazon sales estimator?

Jungle scout

JS can be utilized directly on the website. Rely on Jungle Scout for sketchy estimates for bolstering revenue rank. JS sales estimator depicts the amount of completed sales and feedback attributed to an item’s page on Amazon & provides the right categorization to select from to wilt down the estimate.

Seller Legend

Seller Legend is one reliable sales estimator the seller must not overlook as it has a vast and adjustable data presentation. It is prestigious for churning accurate data and delivering it in a user-readable form. There are 4 pricing cadres in seller legend:

  1. Starter – $50 each month
  2. Advanced – $60 each month
  3. Professional – $70 each month
  4. Enterprise – $100 every month

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is a free sales Estimator for obtaining basic info. However, many users feel displeased by the accuracy and is, at best a skeletal guide & should not be cited when making a worthwhile investiture.

ASINspector Program

ASINspector is one program this evokes correctness when talking Amazon sales estimation. Rely on ASINspector for monthly sales volume reports of items vended on Amazon. It also has raving satisfied buyer comments as well as a superb customer care.

Without necessarily being the cheapest in the market, ASINspectors has 2 plans with just 1 having the sales estimator. Also, ASINspector provides a revenue calculator & product-page metrics, including importation of ASINs & UPCs with UPC barcode scanner.

Viral Launch

Viral launch is an innovative company enjoining sellers to a plethora of support solutions that primes business to revenue excellence in the Amazon business space. This peculiar whiff of customization is what separates Viral Launch from its adversaries. Market intelligence is one the digital supports for your item’s market success. This in-built calculator is where one can see the revenues and prices across all different categorizations. 

Helium 10

Helium 10 should be the next port of call if one is looking for bankable info about Amazon market-scape to dictate and dominate things. This digital contraption suits you up with more than 20 assistors that can drives in money. Notable Helium 10 features include a keyword tracker tool. Make selections from Helium 10’s elite, platinum & diamond packages. Helium 10 is imbued with a keyword watcher that monitors every keyword you use alongside changes in ranking.

AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout is a sales estimator in the same fashion with JS. It can be visited online as it supports marketplaces in USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, & India regions for a broad coverage. Although AMZ scout & its preciseness can be shaky, USA estimations of items are considerably reliable. Price selections for $40 and $50 are available on the platform.

Final words

After going through this roundup, your mind should be made up about which estimator is best for you. Amongst millions of items found, it might be a tad discombobulating to pick what to sell. But with sales estimator tools online, knowing what to choose & how to topple the adversary becomes easy-peasy. Simply plug in the rank of selected item to view the mean sales volume on the computer.


How do I choose the best Amazon sales estimator?

The best sales estimator is the one that predicts the most accurately and is cost-effective. Jungle Scout continues to hold sway in first place. They have assisted a great number of Amazon vendors in 2019, & 2020 is going to be a blast.

How can I get sales on Amazon?

Pricing reasonably, automating item lists and improving SEO, are, alongside others, some of the surefire ways to bolster Amazon sales.

What constitutes a Good Sales rank on Amazon?

In each category on Amazon, the lesser the number, the higher the sales rank. Overall, try to achieve low ranked numbers. Ideally, the best sales rank is #1.

Meta description: Sellers need Amazon sales estimator to go neck on neck with the adversary. Sales estimators hold the power for reinforced revenue-making opportunities for your Amazon brand.