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Your Guide to Amazon Seller Central

  Tailored for newbie and experienced retailers, Seller Central holds plenty of potential for anyone who wants to rack up their profits from Amazon. In this article, we will discuss what it is, its features, and everything else in between. 

 The Basics

 In the simplest definition, Amazon Seller Central is an online portal that allows anyone to be a merchant online. You can use this portal to start your entrepreneurial career. The best part: when you sign up for this account, you won’t need to get worked up about factors like managing payments, creating your eCommerce portal, or managing refunds and returns. 

amazon seller central

 Setting It Up

 Literally, anyone can set up a seller central Amazon account. The process is incredibly easy and simple. To get started, simply check out the online portal of Amazon and click the feature for ‘Sell’. The account can also be accessed via this eCommerce giant’s services section. 

 After entering the merchant portal, you will get an option stating, ‘Start Selling’. The moment you select it, you will be taken to a new window where you’re required to key in some personal details like your name, email address and password. 

 As per the country you’re operating from, you will need to fill out the relevant tax details. Furnish the right and accurate information and always double-check before clicking the final ‘submit’ button. You should also note that every merchant requires a single account for every region they are looking to target. So, if you want to tap into a bigger customer base across multiple regions, you might have to sign up for more than one account. 

 What’s Next?

 Once you’re done creating and setting up your seller Amazon central portal, it’s time to figure out the items you’d want to sell. While this may not be an easy choice to newbie marketers, you can soon end up with a solid decision with a tad bit of research. If you’re still clueless and are wondering what to sell, check out these three excellent web applications that might help you with the job. 

 IO Scout

 This is an excellent tool for anyone who’s looking to conduct extensive research on one or multiple products. The software is easy to operate, and it comes with plenty of offerings. All you need to do is enter a specific niche. As you do that, you will instantly get a list of the top-selling products on this eCommerce portal. Explore your options and pick any item that meets your requirements. 

 Jungle Scout

 Given the massive number of products available, it is often quite difficult to zero in on the best option from the lot. That is exactly why you need a research tool like Jungle Scout. You can use this web application for scouting popular, revenue-generating products across multiple niches. As with the majority of other product research software, this one comes at a small monthly fee. 

 Helium 10

 Although it isn’t as popular as the other software listed in this article, Helium does a quite decent job in filtering out items that can drive high revenues and big profit margins. It is fairly easy to use, and the features aren’t as complicated even for beginners.

 Using the Dashboard

 If you’re new to the Amazon seller central app, you’re probably confused with the incredible features on the dashboard. Luckily, they are quite simple to use. If you’re just starting out, here’s what you need to know about them. 

 New Products

 This portal has a dedicated option called catalog where you have the flexibility of adding new products. Note that you can also key in items that are already present on the portal. 

 Managing Items

 You can manage multiple items via the inventories of the dashboard. You can check the number of products here. Additionally, you can also take the required steps to ensure they are indeed in stock. 

Check the Cost

This portal has a section for price where you can assess the price of your existing listings. Additionally, you will also have the option of setting and automating alerts so that your product’s cost is lowered or increased every time a potential competitor opts for a price change. 

Manage your Orders

With this tweak, you will get to check how many people have placed an order to buy one or more units of your product. Additionally, you can also oversee if they are delivered in due time. 

Is the Fulfillment Feature Worth It? 

 If you’re in two-ways wondering whether you should opt for Amazon’s fulfillment option, our answer is a resounding yes. The FBA is worth every penny and since the eCommerce portal takes the entire responsibility of handling your inventory, packing, sending, and delivering it- you get to make maximum revenues minus the headaches. Registering for the program is equally simple and although you shell out a small fee, it is completely worth the services you get in return. 

 The Perks 

 Amazon seller center has incredible benefits and we are certain you’re familiar with most of them. One of the major highlights of this arrangement is that you get to manage your inventory better. Adding a listing, marketing it, and finally rolling it out on Amazon’s marketplace is extremely simple with this portal. The moment you’re choosing this option, you’re relieving yourself from the major hassles of creating your own website to sell things. Handling and accepting payments is also equally simple here. Finally, since the eCommerce portal manages everything, you won’t experience any hassles in settling payments either. The overall system is extremely flexible and we’d recommend it to all budding merchants. 


Now that you’re aware of the many benefits this system can bring, why delay any further? Make your account and start selling revenue-generating items right away!