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Beginners guide to Amazon Associates program

Amazon is such a huge marketplace that you can make money not only by selling your own products like books, but also through commissions. If you want to sell books on Amazon, just read an IO Scout article about how to sell books on Amazon and become a very profitable in this niche. To make that possible Amazon has developed its Amazon Associates program, formerly known as Amazon Affiliate, and here we will cover everything you wanted to know to get started making those first commission dollars.

What is the Amazon Associates program?

In a nutshell, Amazon Associates is an affiliate program that allows thousands of ordinary people to earn money by posting links on their websites.It allows for a little to no investment to get started, and the monthly payouts can be enough to allow you to earn money just by blogging.

amazon associate program

Amazon is the largest affiliate program in the world, with more than 200 million websites that are actively earning commission dollars. You might be wondering do you stand a chance in such a crowded marketplace, but keep in mind that Amazon revenue is in hundreds of billions of dollars.

And it’s growing with each passing year!

So, it’s fair to say that Amazon is here to stay and Associates program is a great way to break into the world of internet marketing. You will polish your copywriting skills, you will learn about web development and much more.Referrals make up more than 8% of total Amazon purchases, which constitutes about 3 billion dollars. Would you like to have a piece of that pie?

I bet you do, but first you need to understand how does it work.

How does the Amazon Associates program work?

Like mentioned before, Amazon Associates is a commission-based referral program. You earn commission by referring people to the Amazon page by posting links provided by their service. You are essentially recommending certain products on the Amazon webpage in an effort to entice people to buy them.

The great thing about this program is that you will get a percentage of all the sales made by the same customer in the next 24 hours as well!And since folks at Amazon are masters at upsells, you can be sure that your payout might be increased as well.

So, here are the basics to start making money using the Associate’s program:

  • Make your own website or blog
  • Post as much content as possible in an effort to capture as much traffic as possible
  • Promote Amazon products and include an affiliate link on your posts
  • Entice people to click on them and buy
  • Profit!

Of course, this is just a quick and dirty version. Each step in this process will take you some time to master, but great thing is that you don’t need much to get started. You only need to make a website (which is so simple by using any of the popular website builders and hosting sites) and register yourself with Amazon Associates so that they can provide you with affiliate links.

How to get started

Making money by blogging is an excellent way to make money, even if you have zero proper knowledge. But, there are some things that you should keep in mind if you want to make the most of it.There are a lot of people who start their own affiliate blog, they write a couple of blogs and when they see no results, quickly give up.

Being persistent is key.

While there are some people who see success after only a couple of months, you should expect good results after about 6 months or even a year.But don’t let that discourage you. If you persevere in the face of adversity you will rep results that hose who have given up can only dream of.

So, let us begin.

You should choose a niche in which to specialize so that you can easily produce as much content as possible. Even if your knowledge is limited after you spend some time writing about that subject you will quickly become an expert.

amazon affiliate marketing

Choosing a niche will impact on how much money you can expect from Amazon since the payouts differ upon the category of the product that you’re promoting.Make sure that you are passionate or at least interested in the subject in question. That way it will be much easier for you to write about that subject.

What are the benefits of starting your affiliate marketing journey using the Amazon Associates program?

The benefits are enormous, especially for beginners the internet marketing space, and here are some of the most important ones:

  • You will become an excellent copywriter
  • You will learn a lot about internet marketing
  • You can leverage your audience to start your Amazon FBA store

You will become an excellent copywriter

Listen carefully. Copywriting is the single most important skill for anyone looking to sell on the internet. Period. Words are the lifeblood of this beautiful invention called the World Wide Web. Words influence people’s emotions and buying decisions. They influence our way of thinking and acting.

And to become truly great as a marketer you need to master the art of persuasion.

By writing, even if you have just started out, you will quickly sand off the rough edges and become an expert at producing easily read, influential and beautiful content.You will also become an expert at influencing people’s decisions which is a skill that you can leverage in almost any area of expertise you can think of.

You will learn a lot about internet marketing

No matter how detailed a guide about internet marketing that you choose to read is, becoming great at marketing is done only by acting. You have to have your skin in the game. The time, effort and money that you invest in will transmute itself into real, palpable results. The internet marketing game is complex and multifaceted, not to mention more complex with each passing month, let alone year. If you want to dip yourself in that sea of information, starting your Amazon affiliate blog is a great way to start.

You can leverage your audience to start your Amazon FBA store

To make the most of your blog, you have to make sure that you have a decent amount of monthly visitors. Not all of the people who will read your blog will buy the products that you’re reviewing. Some are just browsing through, some are just looking to see what’s out there are on the market shelf.

But, if you’re good enough, some will become your fans and will come to your blog daily so that they can save time learning about the subject in question from you.If you’re good, and you should be, you can start the process of developing a relationship with your visitors.Collect emails, send the promotional coupons, inform them about great offers currently available on the Amazon marketplace.

If you have done your job correctly up to this point, you will learn a lot about the niche in question.You will learn what people want and need so much so that you can decide to start selling a product that you know for a fact a lot of people will buy.

And that my friends is how you separate yourself from all the rest who start their FBA business blindly throwing product ideas around and hoping that some will stick.

You will have a competitive edge over the rest of the sellers who are just following the pack.

So there you have it, a simple guide to start your journey into the world of affiliate marketing by becoming an Amazon Associates member. It is the best way to get your feet wet in the world of internet marketing as well as a great starting point to learn a lot about Amazon’s marketplace. While the road to success is a bit longer than in most other ways of making money using Amazon it is beginner and budget-friendly. So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of it and just make that first step!

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Best Amazon Sales Estimator on the market

What exactly is Amazon Sales estimator?

Amazon is a global market comprising millions of sellers and billions of buyers the world over. And while there are droves of other market-places which compete in various product compartments, Amazon sits atop with over $870 billion in market value. Such figures means that you stand are great chance to smile to the bank as a seller. And that is sellers leverage revenue estimator tools – metrics and analytics year-over-year to track their progress and ensure nothing gets in the way of their paycheck.

Why does one need Amazon sales estimator?

Sales estimators are Amazon enhancement tools used to view mean per-month sales. The programs achieve best results when appropriated for heavy inventory and for tailored categories &items too. Just try an amazon sales calculator for your business.
Although they are centered on the total revenue estimated for future outcomes, they served to help set the tone for seller competitiveness, while fast-tracking the analysis of performance for products. Sales estimators improve sales and help you sail with the wind of change more effectively.

What is the best Amazon sales estimator?

Jungle scout

JS can be utilized directly on the website. Rely on Jungle Scout for sketchy estimates for bolstering revenue rank. JS sales estimator depicts the amount of completed sales and feedback attributed to an item’s page on Amazon & provides the right categorization to select from to wilt down the estimate.

Seller Legend

Seller Legend is one reliable sales estimator the seller must not overlook as it has a vast and adjustable data presentation. It is prestigious for churning accurate data and delivering it in a user-readable form. There are 4 pricing cadres in seller legend:

  1. Starter – $50 each month
  2. Advanced – $60 each month
  3. Professional – $70 each month
  4. Enterprise – $100 every month

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is a free sales Estimator for obtaining basic info. However, many users feel displeased by the accuracy and is, at best a skeletal guide & should not be cited when making a worthwhile investiture.

ASINspector Program

ASINspector is one program this evokes correctness when talking Amazon sales estimation. Rely on ASINspector for monthly sales volume reports of items vended on Amazon. It also has raving satisfied buyer comments as well as a superb customer care.

Without necessarily being the cheapest in the market, ASINspectors has 2 plans with just 1 having the sales estimator. Also, ASINspector provides a revenue calculator & product-page metrics, including importation of ASINs & UPCs with UPC barcode scanner.

Viral Launch

Viral launch is an innovative company enjoining sellers to a plethora of support solutions that primes business to revenue excellence in the Amazon business space. This peculiar whiff of customization is what separates Viral Launch from its adversaries. Market intelligence is one the digital supports for your item’s market success. This in-built calculator is where one can see the revenues and prices across all different categorizations.

Helium 10

Helium 10 should be the next port of call if one is looking for bankable info about Amazon market-scape to dictate and dominate things. This digital contraption suits you up with more than 20 assistors that can drives in money. Notable Helium 10 features include a keyword tracker tool. Make selections from Helium 10’s elite, platinum & diamond packages. Helium 10 is imbued with a keyword watcher that monitors every keyword you use alongside changes in ranking.

IO Scout

IO Scout is a sales estimator in the same fashion with JS. It can be visited online as it supports marketplaces in USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, & India regions for a broad coverage. Although IO Scout & its preciseness can be shaky, USA estimations of items are considerably reliable. Price selections for $40 and $50 are available on the platform.

Final words

After going through this roundup, your mind should be made up about which estimator is best for you. Amongst millions of items found, it might be a tad discombobulating to pick what to sell. But with sales estimator tools online, knowing what to choose & how to topple the adversary becomes easy-peasy. Simply plug in the rank of selected item to view the mean sales volume on the computer.


How do I choose the best Amazon sales estimator?

The best sales estimator is the one that predicts the most accurately and is cost-effective. Jungle Scout continues to hold sway in first place. They have assisted a great number of Amazon vendors in 2019, & 2020 is going to be a blast.

How can I get sales on Amazon?

Pricing reasonably, automating item lists and improving SEO, are, alongside others, some of the surefire ways to bolster Amazon sales.

What constitutes a Good Sales rank on Amazon?

In each category on Amazon, the lesser the number, the higher the sales rank. Overall, try to achieve low ranked numbers. Ideally, the best sales rank is #1.

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What is FBA toolkit and how to use it

There are a lot of apps out there that promise all kinds of features. But, let’s be real for a moment. If you want to squeeze every possible dollar from your FBA venture you need every possible advantage you can get. While there are dozens of apps vying for your attention, not all of them are created equal. FBA toolkit tries to separate itself from the rest of the herd, but does it truly stand out? Read on and find out.

What is the FBA toolkit?

While in recent years there has been an emergence of all-in-one apps that offer a wast array of features that can satisfy anyone’s needs, FBA toolkit specializes in only three:

  • Sales rank – it is used to give you an estimation of the daily product sales
  • Price list analysis – It allows you to upload a spreadsheet with UPCs/EANs or ASINs and get an estimation of cost, profit margin, and sales rate
  • Product tracker – like the name implies it tracks the price of a certain product as well as the number of sales

FBA toolkit pricing

There are 5 pricing plans that vary on the number of products that you can track as well as other capabilities. These are:

  • Scouter
  • Starter
  • Business
  • Enterprise
  • Elite

Scouter – 5$/month:

  • Just for
  • 10 tracked products
  • 100 price list rows per day
  • 100 barcode scan per day
  • Free for the first month

Starter – $50/month:

  • Just for
  • 250 tracked products
  • 1000 price list rows per day
  • 500 barcode scans per day
  • Access to all tracked products on the website (marketplace restrictions apply)

Bussines – $250/month:

  • 2500 tracked products
  • 5000 price list rows per day
  • 1000 barcode scans per day
  • Access to all tracked products on the website (marketplace restrictions apply).

Entreprise – $500/month:

  • Available on 8 Amazon marketplaces
  • 10000 tracked products
  • 15000 price list rows per day
  • 2000 barcode scans per day
  • Training and support
  • Extended reports: Avg/Min/Max Buybox
  • Merchant sales volume
  • Access to all tracked products on the website
  • API access

Elite – $1000/month:

  • Available on 8 Amazon marketplaces
  • 30000 tracked products
  • 50000 price list rows per day
  • 5000 barcode scans per day
  • Training and support
  • Extended reports: Avg/Min/Max Buybox
  • Merchant sales volume
  • Access to all tracked products on the website
  • API access
  • Access to historical data

There is one particular thing in regard to the FBA toolkit that you should keep in mind. Useful articles and tips for Amazon sellers at Data Guide review site.
Since the FBA toolkit depends on third-party APIs and its services, if one of them is discontinued or restricted in any way, the app owners reserve the right to discontinue their services and also reserve the right to cancel the customer subscription at any time and for any reason. Not to mention that they do not offer partial or full refunds. While they are stating that their website is undergoing continuous development the home page looks like it’s stuck at the start of the 2010s. Also, they do not guarantee the accuracy of the data.

Those are the words that will not gain any amount of credibility in my book.

A simple guide on how to use FBA toolkit

Using the FBA toolkit is quite simple and straightforward. As mentioned before there are only 3 areas that FBA toolkit covers and they are:

  • Sales rank
  • Price list analysis
  • Product tracker

These are the steps to using FBA toolkit:

  • Find the BSR of the product you are interested in
  • Find the category of your interest and enter the BSR rank of the product of your choice
  • FBA toolkit will give you an output of all the data for that particular product

Should you use FBA toolkit

To save you the trouble, the answer is quite simple: NO. While the FBA toolkit was the bread and butter of FBA marketers years ago, it has since been made redundant by the development of all-in-one software which we have covered in-depth in our guides.

FBA toolkit gives you a paid option on features that applications such as Keepa and Camelcamelcamel provide! Not to mention that the prices are quite outrageous and that they can decide to discontinue the service at any time without giving you any kind of refund. In my humble opinion, spending even those 5$ on the FBA toolkit would be wasting them away. Better for you to use those bucks to buy yourself a cup of expensive coffee while analyzing a more comprehensive and exhaustive list of data generated by a more reliable and useful tool.

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AMZScout Review: Improve Your Amazon Business

It is very interesting to run your business through Amazon. The marketplace has millions of vendors from all over the world, selling different categories of items. That makes it so competitive, forcing sellers to be more innovative with the product and services they offer in order to sell. To be more innovative, you need to have important information about Amazon that you will use to edge your competitors. With the software and tools found on Amazon, you can quickly get the vital information that you need to elevate your online business.

The tools ease the process that a vendor would use when gathering insights regarding Amazon and also assist the vendor in discovering good ideas and making strategies that will attract more buyers. AMZScout is a research tool that most vendors on Amazon use when they want to edge other traders and make more sales. Using the software, you will always make a decision using the right information hence structure sales strategies that will increase your business revenue.

What to Know About AMZScout

Most vendors who have used AMZScout to discover product information and new markets for their business can confirm to you that it is among the best tool to use while researching Amazon. Moreover, the software has a feature that helps you to calculate an estimate of the income you should expect when you decide to vend a specific item.

To structure good marketing and sales strategies for your items, AMZScout will assist you in gaining access to the history of item pricing information and how different items got ranked from previous months. The main aim of using AMZScout is to attract more buyers to increase product sales. Therefore, the tool will allow you to analyze the product listings’ quality and offer an estimate of the amount of profit you would make after a month.

AMZScout Web Application and Chrome Extension

You can use AMZScout as a web application or as a Chrome extension, and both will assist you in discovering new information that you can use to outline proper promotional strategies. It is advisable to use chrome extension because you can access the site to pull real-time information while you are still on your product page navigating through Amazon. The Web application is somehow complete. After all, It offers the users different functionalities because it has many features that ease the process of searching for information. However, when using an App, you cannot open the Amazon site compared to when using the chrome extension.

With a feature like ‘Get Niche Idea,’ the Chrome Extension allows the sellers to enhance their businesses to a different level easily. Although the chrome extension offers many services to the seller, you cannot access its services if you do not use Google Chrome Browser.

The AMZ Scout App is beneficial because it has nearly all features like a Chrome Extension and also has the ability that enables a sender to keep an eye on more 80 diverse items and check how their price, sales and rank change from time to time. Searching about how to sell on Amazon, follow to learn about Amazon brand registry, Amazon listing optimization etc. IO Scout is a great alternative to AMZ Scout.

  • Product Searches

You can use AMZScout to search for products and know the ones that most buyers want. The tool enables you to get the information either on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Moreover, it has features that enable you to understand how buyers search for products during certain seasons and the items that are on the trend presently.

  • Estimated Sales

AMZScout has a feature, namely “Estimated Sales,” that allows a vendor to estimate the sales of certain items. It has a large database, and the feature uses the available data in estimating how a certain product would sell for a specific period.

  • FBA Fees

Most sellers tend to assume most activities that involve FBA fee charges. What you need to know is that the fee affects the amount of profit that you will make after making sales. With AMZScout software, you can know the amount you will pay as an FBA fee when using the Amazon platform.


More than 100,000 vendors globally use AMZScout to advance their online businesses. Although the tool is not that comprehensive, it provides its users with the needed amount of functionalities that can help them improve their Amazon businesses. It is simple and user-friendly and lets a seller understand Amazon Marketplace and start competing with other sellers quickly.

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Your Guide to Amazon Seller Central

  Tailored for newbie and experienced retailers, Seller Central holds plenty of potential for anyone who wants to rack up their profits from Amazon. In this article, we will discuss what it is, its features, and everything else in between. 

 The Basics

 In the simplest definition, Amazon Seller Central is an online portal that allows anyone to be a merchant online. You can use this portal to start your entrepreneurial career. The best part: when you sign up for this account, you won’t need to get worked up about factors like managing payments, creating your eCommerce portal, or managing refunds and returns. 

amazon seller central

 Setting It Up

 Literally, anyone can set up a seller central Amazon account. The process is incredibly easy and simple. To get started, simply check out the online portal of Amazon and click the feature for ‘Sell’. The account can also be accessed via this eCommerce giant’s services section. 

 After entering the merchant portal, you will get an option stating, ‘Start Selling’. The moment you select it, you will be taken to a new window where you’re required to key in some personal details like your name, email address and password. 

 As per the country you’re operating from, you will need to fill out the relevant tax details. Furnish the right and accurate information and always double-check before clicking the final ‘submit’ button. You should also note that every merchant requires a single account for every region they are looking to target. So, if you want to tap into a bigger customer base across multiple regions, you might have to sign up for more than one account. 

 What’s Next?

 Once you’re done creating and setting up your seller Amazon central portal, it’s time to figure out the items you’d want to sell. While this may not be an easy choice to newbie marketers, you can soon end up with a solid decision with a tad bit of research. If you’re still clueless and are wondering what to sell, check out these three excellent web applications that might help you with the job. 

 IO Scout

 This is an excellent tool for anyone who’s looking to conduct extensive research on one or multiple products. The software is easy to operate, and it comes with plenty of offerings. All you need to do is enter a specific niche. As you do that, you will instantly get a list of the top-selling products on this eCommerce portal. Explore your options and pick any item that meets your requirements. 

 Jungle Scout

 Given the massive number of products available, it is often quite difficult to zero in on the best option from the lot. That is exactly why you need a research tool like Jungle Scout. You can use this web application for scouting popular, revenue-generating products across multiple niches. As with the majority of other product research software, this one comes at a small monthly fee. 

 Helium 10

 Although it isn’t as popular as the other software listed in this article, Helium does a quite decent job in filtering out items that can drive high revenues and big profit margins. It is fairly easy to use, and the features aren’t as complicated even for beginners.

 Using the Dashboard

 If you’re new to the Amazon seller central app, you’re probably confused with the incredible features on the dashboard. Luckily, they are quite simple to use. If you’re just starting out, here’s what you need to know about them. 

 New Products

 This portal has a dedicated option called catalog where you have the flexibility of adding new products. Note that you can also key in items that are already present on the portal. 

 Managing Items

 You can manage multiple items via the inventories of the dashboard. You can check the number of products here. Additionally, you can also take the required steps to ensure they are indeed in stock. 

Check the Cost

This portal has a section for price where you can assess the price of your existing listings. Additionally, you will also have the option of setting and automating alerts so that your product’s cost is lowered or increased every time a potential competitor opts for a price change. 

Manage your Orders

With this tweak, you will get to check how many people have placed an order to buy one or more units of your product. Additionally, you can also oversee if they are delivered in due time. 

Is the Fulfillment Feature Worth It? 

 If you’re in two-ways wondering whether you should opt for Amazon’s fulfillment option, our answer is a resounding yes. The FBA is worth every penny and since the eCommerce portal takes the entire responsibility of handling your inventory, packing, sending, and delivering it- you get to make maximum revenues minus the headaches. Registering for the program is equally simple and although you shell out a small fee, it is completely worth the services you get in return. 

 The Perks 

 Amazon seller center has incredible benefits and we are certain you’re familiar with most of them. One of the major highlights of this arrangement is that you get to manage your inventory better. Adding a listing, marketing it, and finally rolling it out on Amazon’s marketplace is extremely simple with this portal. The moment you’re choosing this option, you’re relieving yourself from the major hassles of creating your own website to sell things. Handling and accepting payments is also equally simple here. Finally, since the eCommerce portal manages everything, you won’t experience any hassles in settling payments either. The overall system is extremely flexible and we’d recommend it to all budding merchants. 


Now that you’re aware of the many benefits this system can bring, why delay any further? Make your account and start selling revenue-generating items right away!

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Sellics Review

As we all know, setting up an online business is not an easy task. It requires the utmost level of dedication and hard work. And as far as Amazon is concerned, it is the world’s largest market place and to establish and being successful on this platform is not an easy job. But now due to the saturation of technology into our day to day lives, there are multiple tools and software are available to help you make a better decision at the right time. Nowadays, if you want to excel in any business, you need helpful tools to help you rise above the competition. Sellics is also one of those helpful tools that convert your best decisions into profits.

What is Sellics?

Sellics is the most effective tool amazon sellers are recommended to use. You better check the IO Scout product tracker for Amazon its very useful tool. IO Scout is the best alternative to Sellics.
It is all in one tool dedicated to helping you with amazon sales as it contains all tools that are necessary to excel on amazon’s online store. Nowadays, growth lies in using multiple tools that keep you updated about the latest trends and show you the right metrics in order to make profitable decisions. Sellics is a tool that provides everything an Amazon seller needs in order to grow their business. It offers 3 to 5 different analytic tools in just one package that can be used to monitor rankings, competitions, reviews and so on.

Sellics Pricing

Sellics Amazon offers 14 days free trial for its customers that expires automatically after the trial period ends. You can always sing up for the free trial and see if it really works for you or not. Other Sellics pricing details are as follows:

Annual Sales

  • $0
  • $1K-$60K
  • $60K-$240K
  • $240K-$600K
  • $600K-$1.2M
  • $1.2M+

Monthly Plan

  • $57
  • $67
  • $97
  • $157
  • $217
  • $317

Biannual Plan

  •  N/A
  • $57
  • $87
  • $137
  • $187
  • $287

Annual Price

  • N/A
  • $47
  • $77
  • $117
  • $157
  • $257

Sellics Products

This all in one software is dedicated to providing state of the art experience for its users by offering 3 main products:

  1. Seller edition
  2. Vendor editions
  3. Agency edition

1.    Seller Edition

Through this seller edition, you can measure your profits, optimize amazon PPC with real-life amazon seller tools. Shipping charges of Amazon FBA, Amazon and PPC fees, cost of goods and promo charges are automatically deducted in this plan. So now sellers don’t have to worry about paying these charges on his own. The data in this plan is to keep on updated throughout the day. You can also improve rankings, manage customer reviews, research products on Amazon, monitor competitors and manage inventories.

2.    Vendor Edition

Sellics is the best tool for vendors. Either they are looking to manage customer reviews, manage sales or improve product listings, Sellics have covered it all. In this product feature, Sellics offers vendors to run amazon ads by focusing on product profitability. Effective SEO key words integration, customer feedbacks, and retail analysis are other important features of this product.

3.    Agency Edition

This all in one feature of Sellics is specifically designed for agencies.                 Automation and machine learning tools help you to gain the client’s trust and improve sales velocity. Its campaign and brand reputation management system can be used to improve the client’s product portfolios. Other amazing features of the Sellics agency edition are retail analysis, customer feedback management, and increased SEO keyword integration and so on.

 Final Thoughts

If you are looking for software that provides excellent sales analytics, retails analytics, customer feedback management, and PPC manager, then Sellics is the best option. Since selling on amazon can be time-consuming and a hectic task, using Sellics really eases your efforts a little and make your time more profitable. We hope that this Sellics review will help you in every way possible. 


1.    How can I cancel the Sellics account?

The Sellics can be canceled anytime. Go to account management, then click terminate under your current plan. You can also revoke amazon’s API in the seller central option.

2.    Can I use the Sellics trial?

Yes, Sellics offers 14 days free trial. Everyone can use it to see if it really works for them or not.

3.    How can I reach Sellics Customer Support?

Go to Click on Sellics support at the bottom of the page. You will find the email address and mailing address here. Get in touch with the Sellics team.

4.    Is Sellics secure?

Sellics is 100% safe and is widely used by many satisfied customers around the globe.